EVO National Teams

The EVO National Team Program provides unparalled training and competition opportunities for the college bound student athlete. If your daughter wants to be a serious candidate on the national recruiting scene, this is the program for her. National Team players are required to attend all practices. While New England Volleybal continues to grow, players who wish to be seen by colleges outside of the region, need to travel to be on radar.

Over the past few years, our senior coaching staff has spent a great deal of time establishing rapport with clubs and college coaches throughout the nation to develop a program to expose our players to national decision makers. These teams require FULL commitment on the part of players and families.

Program Overview

  • Year-Round Commitment (July-June)
  • Bi-weekly recrutitng sessions
  • All game film recorded with stat and highlight breakdowns
  • Three (3) practices per week
  •  National Gear Package 
  • Summer Volleyball 
  • Regional Tournaments
  • National Tournaments 

Base National Tuition starts at $3,500

National Team Tournaments

(Subject to Change)

  • New England Winterfest
  • NERVA I-IV (Pending national tournament conflict)
  • NERVA Championships
  • Boston Volleyball Festival
  • AAU Grand Prix
  • Montreal Cup 
  • In It to Win It
  • Big South
  • JVA Beachfest
  • JVA Rock N Rumble
  • Maryland Grand Prix
  • Phoenix Volleyball Festival
  • AAU Nationals 

This is an invitation only program within the EVO team offerings. All interested players should attend a POWER tryout and indicate to coaching staff they would like to be considered for the National Team Program.


Limited spots on 16s & 15s.
Contact us with interest in open positions.

National Tryout Dates & Times

National tryouts have closed. Contact us if you are interested in being considered for our 2020 season National Teams.

College Commitments