EVO Club/Elite Teams

The EVO Club Team Program is comparable to many other local clubs with competitive level and frequency of practice opportunities, but with the added level of coaching and individualized player development that only EVO can offer its players.

EVO Club is perfect for the beginner and intermediate volleyball player. EVO’s club program will introduce you to a sport that will become part of your future. Our club program offers the most flexibility and the lightest commitment. Once you fall in love with the game, there are plenty of ways for you to add onto your program.

ONE Per Team will be offered at the following levels: 14/15/16/18


Program Overview

  • December 2018 – Early May 2019
  • One (1) Practice per week (12s & 13s)
  • Two (2) Practices per week (14/15/16/18)
  • Club Gear Package

Club Team Tournaments

(Subject to Change)

  • NERVA Championships
  • Boston Festival (14/15/16/18)
  • AAU Grand Prix (14/15/16/18)
  • Friendship Tournament series (12/13)

Tuition starts at $999


Too often, we see players “self selecting” themselves out of the team opportunity in fear of getting cut from a team. We suggest all players tryout for the highest level possible. We will extend a call back to all appropriate players. ONLY ONE TRYOUT FEE REQUIRED.

CLUB Tryout Dates & Times

*registration opens 30 min before tryout start

Sunday, Oct. 14    Youth Tryout I (Ages 9-14)                    1-3pm
Sunday, Oct. 21    
Youth Tryout II (Ages 9-14)                   1-3pm

Sunday, Nov. 4      15s & 16s                                                    1-4pm

Sunday, Nov. 11      15s & 16s  Power                                     1-3pm
17s & 18s  Tryout                                    3-5pm

Sunday, Nov. 18    Club Playdate & Power Callback
Club Playdate                                             12:30-2:30pm
Power Callback & Playdate                      3-5pm


*All tryouts will be held at the Woburn Boys & Girls Club (1 Charles Garnder Lane; Woburn, MA)

College Commitments