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Opportunities to Train


We understand that many families cannot commit to dedicating the entire Winter & Spring to volleyball - that's why we created EVO Academy.  EVO Academy is the perfect place for the athlete who wants to improve their game, but not ready for the commitment of travel. The Academy is the most flexible of all EVO training programs - offering one and two-day training options. 

Our Academy instructors are former EVO players and local high school, club, and college coaches & players. Multi-sport athletes, new comers and the recreational player will love getting involved in the Academy. 

EVO Academy breaks the game down into first contact skills (Serve/Serve Receive), defense and offensive skill development. All participants will split time between Skills & Drills as well as game-like play. Near the end of each session, participants will take part in our in-house league and scrimmage against partner volleyball programs in the Greater Boston Area. 

Each Co-Ed Academy session runs for 6-8 weeks and offers levels for every volleyball player. Rather than break our Academy players into different age groups, we meet them where they are in the game, allowing them to grow and advance at their own speed. As players master particular skills and mechanics, they will "Level Up" to the next Academy.

EVO Academy runs on Tuesdays and Sundays at our Woburn or Danvers Facilities - Players may choose one or two days of training.

Academy sessions are also open to EVO Team players for additional training opportunities. 

$275/$450 per 6-Week Program

Academy Sessions

Fall I 
Sept. 19-Oct. 26

Fall II
Nov. 9 - Dec. Dec. 14


Jan 11 - Feb. 16


Spring I 
Mar. 1 - April 5

Spring II
April 12 - May 24 (No April Vacation)

EVO Academy runs on Tuesdays and Sundays at our Woburn or Danvers Facilities - Players may choose one or two days of training.

Academy sessions are also open to EVO Team players for additional training opportunities. 

EVO Club/Elite Teams


The EVO Club Team Program is comparable to many other local clubs with competitive level and frequency of practice opportunities, but with the added level of coaching and individualized player development that only EVO can offer its players.

EVO Club is perfect for the beginner and intermediate volleyball player. EVO’s club program will introduce you to a sport that will become part of your future. Our club program offers the most flexibility and the lightest commitment. Once you fall in love with the game, there are plenty of ways for you to add onto your program.

ONE Per Team will be offered at the following levels: 12*/13*/14/15/16/18
*Teams will tentatively be formed from EVO Academy participants


  • December – Early May
  • Two (2) Practices per week Nov-May 
  • Club Gear Package: ONE(1) of each: practice shirt, spandex,  practice ball.


(Subject to Change)

  • AAU One-Day Events
  • AAU Championships
  • Boston Festival 
  • AAU Grand Prix 


EVO Power Teams

The EVO Power Team sustains the premium instruction and training of our National Program with a smaller investment of travel and cost. Power teams are offered for 14s-18s providing players with the maximum exposure to the game each week.

EVO’s Power Program is perfect for the player looking to play collegiate volleyball in the New England Region. Power players will benefit from multiple practices per week with a member of the senior coaching staff. There will be opportunities to boost your playing experience by trying out to be a National and Elite team alternate. 

Players who participate in other activities outside of volleyball are still eligible and must make coaches aware of any regular conflicts in advance of commitment to a team. If a player has to miss more than one practice per week, she is ineligible for the Power Program.

Too often, we see players “self selecting” themselves out of the Power opportunity in fear they will not make the team. We suggest all players tryout for the highest level possible. We will extend a call back to all appropriate players. Players who tryout for Power and do not make a callback, will immediately be considered for a Club team and may attend that additional tryout. ONLY ONE TRYOUT FEE REQUIRED

Program Overview

  • TWO (2) practices per week (Dec - May)
  • Five (5) Event Dates with option for additional tournaments
  • Invitation for "Post-Season" Participation
  • Gear Package - Two practice shirts, spandex, one practice ball
  • Access to game film recording & highlights (additional cost)



The EVO National Team Program provides unparalled training and competition opportunities for the college bound student athlete. If your daughter wants to be a serious candidate on the national recruiting scene, this is the program for her. National Team players are required to attend all practices. While New England Volleybal continues to grow, players who wish to be seen by colleges outside of the region, need to travel to be on radar.

Over the past few years, our senior coaching staff has spent a great deal of time establishing rapport with clubs and college coaches throughout the nation to develop a program to expose our players to national decision makers. These teams require FULL commitment on the part of players and families.


  • Year-Round Commitment (July-June)
  • Bi-weekly Recruiting sessions
  • All game film recorded with stat and highlight breakdowns
  • Three (3) practices per week
  • National Gear Package 
  • Summer Volleyball 
  • Regional Tournaments
  • National Tournaments 




(Subject to Change)

  • New England Winterfest
  • Boston Volleyball Festival
  • AAU Grand Prix
  • Big South
  • JVA Tournaments
  • MEQ or NEQ
  • Capitol Hill Classic
  • Maryland Grand Prix
  • AAU Nationals 

This is an invitation only program within the EVO team offerings. All interested players should attend a POWER tryout and indicate to coaching staff they would like to be considered for the National Team Program.

National Team Openings

Limited spots 16/17/18 - (MH/OH/S)
Contact us with interest in open positions.