Player Development Offerings

The first thing you learn in this game is how to have fun and love this game. 

Our EVO Academy sessions combine the technical and tactical individual instruction your player needs to become the best player for her team. We believe in making training fun because there’s nothing like the feeling of setting a goal, working hard and reaping the rewards.

These days, many families struggle with finding a balance of letting kids be kids and pushing players to get the right amount of off season training. One thing we know – YOU HAVE TO PLAY TO GROW AS A PLAYER.

EVO Player Development Program can be consumed by the session or with an annual (all-inclusive) membership. Take a look at our PDP offerings and choose the right program for your player.

HIGH SChool SKills & Drills 

Not everyone is looking for a competitive travel volleyball program. Our High School Skills and Drills are offered on weekends. Register fo 6-week sessions of skill training in a team setting. Getting on-court touches is the most important way to improve! 
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Youth & Skill Programs

EVO Youth and skills programs are the perfect way to introduce your young athlete to a sport that will stay with them for a lifetime. Our youth and skill programs are available for players in kindergarten through 8th grade. We will introduce new players to the game and help more seasoned players reach their full potential. EVO Youth Volleyball is where we grow the game.

E-Lite Volleyball (Grades K-4)

Focus developing the athletic skills needed for all sports while introducing the basic concepts and fundamentals of volleyball. Our E-Lite program will continue skill development and introduce circulation volleyball – an international program which introduces the pass, set, hit triangle. We will use micro courts, 4-on-4, and small groups to ensure maximum contacts and movement. 
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EVO Academy (Grades 8-11)

All EVO Academy programs are designed to encourage athletes to make themselves better in a growth-based environment where mistakes are viewed as a natural process of learning. In fact, there are no mistakes at EVO – only “Opportunities for Improvement.” We incorporate visualization, motor skills and familiar terms to create a fun and comfortable learning environment. All EVO Academy coaches are certified and focused on helping athletes become confident on the volleyball court. 
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