Regardless of your comfort level - we have a way for you to play!


EVO Club Volleyball looks more different this year than EVER before! Between September - December, we are proud to offer many different opportunities to train, learn, and compete against our own teams as well as with other "Bubble" clubs similar to EVO Volleyball. After the first of the year, if things in the competition and playing world change, we will offer opportunities in AAU, NERVA, & JVA Tournaments where possible. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our typical home sites of St. John's Preparatory School and Woburn Boys & Girls Club are temporarily unavailable. While we anticipate an eventual return to those familiar facilities, all training, camps, clinics, tryouts and practices will be out of Tyngsboro Sports Center, MA or The Sports Barn in Hampton, NH. In most cases, families will be able to pivot their training plan to best accommodate their needs. 



*Fees will be on a monthly basis rather than a season fee.  As  we add tournaments, fees will change within WITHIN (and not to exceed) listed tuition estimates.